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Tick Species






Lone Star Tick

Nick Names: Lone Star, Seed ticks

Common Names: Lone Star

Formal Names: Amblyomma americanum

Description:   The female is easily distinguished from any other tick by her pronounced white dot or star in the center of her back.  The star is actually part of her shield.  Lone Star are aggressive ticks and are known to move long distances in pursuit of the host.

Repellents: Permethrin clothing treatment kills ticks and deet-based skin repellent helps repel them.

Diseases: Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis, Tularemia and suspected of Lyme Disease and possibly Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Left to Right: nymph, female, male

Left to Right: female, male

Left to Right: unengorged female, 1/4 engorged, 1/2 engorged and fully engorged.  Notice how star continues relationship to mouthparts?  The star is part of the shield and remains consistent throughout the engorgement sequence.  Shields on all hard ticks are consistent in their relationship to the mouthparts.







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